Workshop Programme

Monday 6th September 2004

11:30Welcome Chris Hinde
11:45Loughborough Paul Chung
14:00Data Mining and Data Analysis
 Visualising Gene Histories
 Real-time Analysis for On-line Monitoring of Product Shape in Crystallisation
 Using Higher-Order Statistics from EEG Signals for Developing Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Systems
 ROC Analysis of a Linguistic Decision Tree Merging Algorithm
15:50Evolutionary Approaches
 Evolution of Realistic Hybrid Auctions
 Characterising Genetic Algorithm Approaches to Job Shop Scheduling
 A preliminary investigation into multi-agent trading simulations using a genetic algorithm
 Automatic Programming with Ant Colony Optimization
 Evolving FLCs in an Uncertain World
 Evolving the User Interface

Tuesday 7th September 2004

10:00Frameworks and Systems
 An Improved Incremental Truth Maintenance System
 Speech Act and BlackBoard Negotiation Based Communication Protocol for real time Multi-agent Systems
 A Framework for Uncertainty in the Semantic Web using Support Logic Programming
11:30Fuzzy Applications
 Prediction of Non-Interactive Mixture Toxicity of Organic Compounds Based on a Fuzzy Set Method
 A Fuzzy Logic Model to Help Build User Profiles
 FRANTIC - A System for Inducing Accurate and Comprehensible Fuzzy Rules
 Information Retrieval using Contextual Word Similarity
14:00Fuzzy Approaches
 Fuzzy Qualitative Trigonometry
 Fuzzy Interpolation with Generalized Representative Values
 Rule Reduction in Adaptive Fuzzy Control using Intelligent Selection
 Subsethood-based Fuzzy Modelling and Classification
 Inverse Kinematics Modelling of the 5-DOF Pioneer Arm by Work-Joint Space Clustering
 Application of Scaling and Criticality to Stock Data
 An Approach to Fault Diagnosis of Space Robots
 Combining Categories in Nursing Assessment using Interval Valued Fuzzy Sets
 Comparing Content-Filter Techniques For Stopping Spam

Banquet 19.30 at Burleigh Court

Wednesday 8th September 2004

10:00Neural Networks and Grey Sets
 Nonextensive Statistics and Perturbed Errors in Adaptive Backpropagation Learning
 Grey sets: a unified model for fuzzy sets and rough sets
 Grey Geometry
11:30Fuzzy Basics
 Inconsistency and Semantic Unification
 Inconsistency and Semantic Separation